Oase Sedox Speed Lake Therapy Water Treatment


Your rapid solution to combat excessive algae growth and restore balance to your water body. Excessive nutrients, particularly phosphate, serve as a fuel for algae, accelerating their growth to problematic levels. Sedox Speed offers an ideal solution when quick action is needed.

Experience the swift and effective action of Sedox Speed and reclaim the clarity and balance of your water body.

Enquire about Oase Sedox Speed Lake Therapy Water Treatment today and take the first step towards a cleaner, clearer, and healthier aquatic environment.


Oase Sedox Speed Lake Therapy Water Treatment swiftly binds phosphate and converts it into mineral apatite in just a matter of hours. Apatite serves as a safe nutrient source for aquatic plants and is also harmless to fish. However, algae are unable to utilise apatite as food, effectively halting their growth.

Key Features:

  • High contents of phosphates are bonded and made insoluble in only a few hours
  • Limits algae growth by bonding phosphate

In lakes and artificial ponds where nutrient levels are excessively high, Sedox Speed swiftly converts phosphates into insoluble apatite, providing immediate relief. Designed for urgent cases, Sedox Speed acts rapidly, delivering results within hours.

Oase Sedox Speed Lake Therapy Water Treatment remains effective for up to six weeks, gradually reducing phosphate levels to below 0.035 mg/l—the critical threshold for algae overgrowth. As a bonus, the formed apatite serves as a nutrient for aquatic plants, further promoting a healthy ecosystem.

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