Oase AlgoLon Lake Therapy Water Treatment


Your ultimate solution for combating stubborn string algae and promoting a healthier aquatic environment. String algae, often forming symbiotic relationships with slime fungus, pose a persistent challenge for lake maintenance. Traditional mechanical methods struggle to provide a permanent solution. But fear not, Algolon is here to revolutionise your lake care routine.

Experience the transformative power of Algolon and enjoy a cleaner, clearer, and healthier aquatic environment.

Enquire about Oase AlgoLon Lake Therapy Water Treatment today and take the first step towards pristine waters.


Oase AlgoLon Lake Therapy Water Treatment harnesses the power of active oxygen to tackle string algae head-on. Upon application, it initiates rapid oxidation processes that target and decompose the cell structure of thread algae, effectively halting their growth. What's more, our patented formula doesn't stop there—it also prevents mucus formation, delivering multiple benefits with every treatment.

We take pride in Algolon's formulation, which is free from heavy metals or organic biocides, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly solution for your aquatic ecosystem. Unlike some treatments that introduce new organisms into the water, Algolon dissolves completely, leaving no trace behind except for crystal-clear water.

Key Features:

  • Increases the oxygen level in the water body at the same time
  • Supports the decomposition of waste products

Algolon swiftly releases active oxygen into the water, initiating immediate oxidation to combat string algae. Within hours, dead algae can be easily removed, while any remaining thread algae is trapped in the filter. Additionally, Algolon enhances the decomposition of sludge at the pond bottom by improving oxygen availability, thereby boosting the activity of bacteria responsible for sludge breakdown.

Our treatment also targets slime mold, often overlooked but crucial for comprehensive algae control. Algolon's patented formula effectively eliminates slime mold, ensuring long-lasting results without leaving any residue.

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