Swim pond - gainsford end

Swim Ponds

Swim ponds are becoming more popular every year, with people turning away from conventional swimming pools that use harsh chemicals and expensive running costs. Swim ponds started in Austria and Germany, but humans have been swimming in rivers, lakes and ponds for thousands of years.

Swim ponds come in many shapes and sizes, but the primary principles are the same. The idea with a Swim pond is to have chemical-free water to swim in that is filtered using plants and gravels etc. The European way is usually to have a formal swim zone surrounded by a regeneration zone where water passes through different grades of stone and varieties of plants which purify the water. Usually, low-power pumps or air pumps move the water around. This is the most natural way, with the regeneration zone being around the same footprint as the swim zone. There are also ways to use more modern filter systems to get the required water results sooner or if space is an issue.

We are also receiving more and more enquiries for people wanting to convert their existing swimming pool to chemical-free natural swim ponds.

Another type of swim pond we like at The Pond Specialist is the recreational pond. Rec ponds are popular in the US and are like giant Eco-ponds, almost like a rock pools. They are called recreational ponds in the US, as if called a swim pond, then the rules and regulations change as classed under swimming pools. If you are after a swim pond but love the look of natural rock and boulders with a waterfall or stream, these are definitely worth considering.

Whatever your favourite, it becomes an excellent investment that will give you and the family pleasure and make many happy memories!

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