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Swim pond - gainsford end
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From spacious grounds to small cottage courtyards, there is a pond design to suit all gardens. But how do you decide on the best place to site your pond? How do you source the right materials? And where do you start when it comes to the groundwork?

Leave it to The Pond Specialist

Experts in the design, build and maintenance of ponds and lakes, The Pond Specialist will provide you with a pond created exclusively for your garden and take the hassle out of its long-term upkeep. Our expertise is used in everything from garden ponds to lakes, and we are regularly employed by commercial clients.

Using quality materials and specialist equipment along with professional skills and years of experience, The Pond Specialist service lets you enjoy your dream garden pond at its very best, whether it’s a perfect formal garden feature or a thriving natural wildlife habitat.

The Pond Specialist is based in Wimbish, Essex and provides service within Essex and the surrounding counties of Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and Suffolk.