eco pond / koi - lagden - wickford


Eco-Ponds are becoming more popular in the UK. Eco-ponds are ponds that use less modern technology and are more about using Mother nature to do the work! This style of pond has been popular in the US for many years as they find our styles of ponds in the UK very different.

When building an Eco-Pond, we excavate the required shape and size. We use a rubber liner, but then the rubber liner is wholly covered with rockery stone, boulders, cobbles and gravel. There is usually a waterfall or stream, and a wetland or biological filter system is installed.

Using rocks etc., to cover the pond is not just for aesthetics but also helps keep the pond clean. The Nitrogen cycle and the balance of the pond all have to do with creating the right environment for the enzymes. Enzymes do all the work to grow and colonise the vast surface area that the rocks and gravels create. Plants also significantly reduce nutrient levels, which are critical to a healthy Eco-pond.

An Eco-pond is a water garden with lots of lush aquatic plants growing in it. Just like you would find in nature, they create crystal clear water for plants to grow and wildlife to thrive in.

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