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Ornamental Ponds

Welcome to our Ornamental Ponds design and construction service, where we bring your vision of an idyllic outdoor oasis to life. Ornamental ponds are the quintessential image of tranquil beauty, especially in the UK. These ponds exude a sense of formality, often featuring brick or paved edges that lend an air of elegance. You'll frequently find a charming decorative fountain gracing the water's surface, accompanied by the gentle flow of water from a top pond cascading back into the main pool. In modern times, rubber or plastic pond liners have largely replaced traditional concrete construction, reflecting contemporary practices.

Ornamental ponds are meticulously landscaped with various marginal and deep-water plants, selected for their ornamental appeal rather than strict adherence to native species. These ponds are also known for their enchanting inhabitants, including Goldfish and Shubunkins, which do not reach the massive sizes of Koi and consequently demand more modest filtration systems.

For many, an Ornamental pond serves as the gateway to a lifelong fascination with water features, just as it did for me when my parents installed one at our home during my childhood, creating cherished memories that endure to this day.

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