Oase CyanoClear Lake Therapy Water Treatment


CyanoClear combats cyanobacteria and their toxins quickly and effectively – with visible effects just minutes after application and full effectiveness against the released toxins within 48 hours. This results in an immediate improvement in water quality, containing and eventually stopping blue-green algae growth.

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Oase CyanoClear Lake Therapy Water Treatment acts within minutes against blue-green algae and their toxins

CyanoClear releases hydrogen peroxide from sodium percarbonate. This destroys the cell structure of the blue-green algae by oxidation and neutralises the dangerous toxins produced by cyanobacteria, unlike conventional methods. The first effects appear a few minutes after application, and the full effect against the toxins released comes into force within 48 hours. The water quality improves immediately, and further spreading of the blue-green algae is curbed – and ultimately stopped. If the correct dosage is used, other flora and fauna are unaffected because pollutants are not produced, and CyanoClear breaks down without leaving any residue. The final products of the chemical process are water and oxygen. Therefore, the innovative way that CyanoClear works is more efficient than conventional methods.

Efficient due to the effect on the water's surface

Cyanobacteria have the advantage of being able to rise to the surface of the water to photosynthesise. Their gas vacuoles provide the necessary buoyancy. Oase CyanoClear Lake Therapy Water Treatment exploits this specific characteristic of blue algae, in that the granulate is applied to the surface of the water and takes effect there. This makes it suitable not only for standing bodies of water but also for large to very large rivers.

Key Features:

  • Fast, effective removal of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins
  • Decomposes after the active phase into decomposition products of natural origin already present in the water
  • Proven effectiveness, tested in a pilot project on the Ganges in India
  • Easy dosage and long-term storage due to granulate
  • Not subject to the maximum residue limit regulation

Additional information

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