Oase PeriDox Lake Therapy Water Treatment


Your trusted solution for maintaining impeccable hygiene and promoting healthy fish stocks in ponds and fish farms. Healthy fish thrive in healthy water, and PeriDox is designed to ensure just that.

Experience the benefits of PeriDox and safeguard your aquatic environment against parasites and algae while promoting optimal oxygen levels.

Enquire about Oase PeriDox Lake Therapy Water Treatment today and ensure the health and vitality of your fish stocks.


Oase PeriDox Lake Therapy Water Treatment effectively prevents the proliferation and spread of parasites and algae through a natural oxidation process. By destroying the cell structure of floating parasites or their blooming stages, PeriDox swiftly eliminates these threats to your aquatic ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Ensures hygiene in pond culture (biocide)
  • Increases oxygen content

PeriDox is your ally in reducing the mass development and growth of parasites and algae in production ponds, including fish farms. Safe for fish stocks, PeriDox initiates an oxidation process upon contact with parasites or swarmers, effectively eliminating them. With recommended dosages and depending on water temperature, PeriDox can eradicate swarmers that would typically survive for 33 to 48 hours in just 3 hours. To ensure comprehensive treatment, PeriDox should be applied three to four times to target adult parasites that may still be active.

In addition to parasite control, Oase PeriDox Lake Therapy Water Treatment enhances water quality by increasing oxygen content. Oxygen released during oxidation dissolves directly into the water, mitigating oxygen deficiency, particularly during warm summer months or in ponds with excessive sludge or fish populations.

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