Oase Sedox Lake Therapy Water Treatment


Your solution to combat excessive algae growth and promote a healthier aquatic environment. High nutrient content, especially phosphate, poses a significant challenge for water bodies, leading to rampant algae proliferation.

Experience the transformative power of Sedox and maintain a balanced, thriving aquatic ecosystem.

Enquire about Oase Sedox Lake Therapy Water Treatment today and take the first step towards a cleaner, clearer, and healthier pond or biotope.


Oase Sedox Lake Therapy Water Treatment tackles this issue head-on by converting phosphate—algae's primary nutrient—into the insoluble mineral apatite. This transformation renders phosphate unusable for algae, effectively limiting their growth.

Key Features:

  • Limits algae growth by insoluble phosphate bonding
  • Supports sludge reduction

In ponds, where nutrient imbalances are more pronounced due to their smaller size, excessive phosphate levels often result in algae overgrowth. Sedox intervenes by converting phosphates into apatite, a harmless mineral that aquatic plants can absorb as a nutrient. Deprived of phosphate, algae are unable to sustain their growth, preventing excessive algae proliferation.

Oase Sedox Lake Therapy Water Treatment remains effective for up to six weeks, gradually reducing phosphate levels in the water to less than 0.035 mg/l—the critical threshold for algae overgrowth. Additionally, Sedox promotes the decomposition of organic sludge, further enhancing water clarity and quality.

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