Oase ClearLake Lake Therapy Water Treatment


Your solution to cloudy water and suspended particles, restoring the natural balance and beauty of your water body. When your lake’s clarity is compromised, it’s a sign that the delicate equilibrium within has been disrupted. But fear not, ClearLake is here to restore harmony.

Experience the transformative power of ClearLake and enjoy natural-looking water with the ideal biological equilibrium.

Enquire about Oase ClearLake Lake Therapy Water Treatment today and take the first step towards a cleaner, clearer, and more vibrant aquatic environment.


Oase ClearLake Lake Therapy Water Treatment harnesses the power of carefully selected microorganisms to combat pollutants and toxins, ensuring a vibrant and healthy aquatic environment.

Key Features:

  • Activates and amplifies the biological self-purification process of the water body
  • Removes toxins (like nitrite and ammonia) and counteracts putrefaction

ClearLake targets a wide range of pollutants, including uric acid, fats, cellulose, and toxins like nitrite and ammonia. By decomposing these substances, ClearLake activates the biological decomposition of organic matter such as dead leaves, fish waste, and excess fish feed. This improves water clarity and contributes to the overall stability and biological balance of the water body.

Our unique combination of micro-organisms enhances the natural self-purification process in ponds, preventing putrefaction and the formation of toxic gases. Oase ClearLake Lake Therapy Water Treatment promotes clear, healthy water and supports the growth of aquatic plants and organisms.

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