Pond Maintenance

Enjoy your pond without spending hours working on it.

There is no avoiding pond maintenance if you want your pond to remain clean and healthy, but why not leave the hard work up to The Pond Specialist?

Our reasonably priced pond maintenance services include:

  • Pond vacuuming
  • Filter/pump cleaning
  • Pond plant pruning
  • Pond treatments
  • Fish health check
  • Leaf net installation
  • Netting debris from pond
  • UV bulb replacement

Lake maintenance;

Here at The Pond Specialist we can also help clients with larger natural ponds and lakes and some of our services include:

  • Excess pond plant removal
  • Aeration systems
  • Fountain systems
  • Silt treatments
  • Silt removal
  • Fish stocking
  • Pond planting
  • Fish husbandry
  • Water quality testing
  • Pond/lake bank maintenance
  • Bank stabilization and erosion control

At The Pond Specialist, we have all the knowledge, skills and dedication needed to maintain ponds perfectly, which is why many of our clients happily employ our services on a regular basis. On average, most ponds require maintenance services about two to three times a year; however this is very dependent on the size of the pond.

We provide our comprehensive range of maintenance services to homeowners, commercial clients, community projects and even the local constabulary.

For more information on our pond maintenance service, please contact us.