Essex KOI Pond

Essex Koi pond design and build

We faced a considerable challenge when asked to create a Koi pond in Essex. An architect had already drawn up a design, and it had been agreed upon with the client. The key problem was the location; the site was on top of thick soil made up of London Blue Clay. Using a concrete slab base, which is the traditional method of building a Koi pond, would run the risk of experiencing ground movement and potentially causing pipes to crack. We were asked to come up with a system that would still give the desired design yet would take into account potential ground movement and damage, allowing the client to access the pipework in a far less costly way.

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To solve the problem of the Essex pond design, we decided to use an innovative system that, to our knowledge, had never before been used in this way. This involved using a lightweight system used to build swimming pools. Under this system, tailor-made panels were created using a CAD software programme. The panels were then delivered to the site and bolted together. The result was a pond base that created the required shape and design. It made the Essex pond build more straightforward and made maintenance much easier in case of any future problems with the soil or pipes.

Having completed the basic Essex pond build, the remainder of the project for a koi pond creation was straightforward.

Once the pond base was completed, it was lined on-site using a specially fabricated Butyl liner. This prevents any leakages. It is very capacious, as it holds approximately 14,000 gallons of water.

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Adjacent to the pond are two round decks and a bridge. These are made out of recycled plastic. Hatches within each round deck provide quick and easy access for maintenance to the most top-of-the-range, eco-friendly pond filters, pumps and UV clarifiers. The bridge itself incorporates stainless steel blades with LED lighting on either side. Around the pool, the coping is made out of a sawn sandstone paving slab. The edges are finished with vertically placed oak sleepers.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing and easily maintained koi pond design in Essex. Using the latest CAD software and swimming pool design has proved to be an innovative solution to a serious problem while meeting the client's requirements for the Essex pond build project.