Pond maintenance programme.

The Pond Specialist Ltd offers pond maintenance programmes to private and commercial clients.

A maintenance programme includes the following.

• Cover nets removed and fitted where applicable.
• Pond debris netted and vacuumed.
• Pumps, filters and equipment checked and cleaned.
• UV lamps replaced.
• Pond treatments added.
• Plants trimmed.
• Fish visual health checks and water tested.
• Water quality tests.

Benefits of an annual maintenance program.

• Monthly direct debit payment to spread the cost!
• Programme to cater for your pond!
• Hassle free pond keeping. More time to enjoy your pond!
• Expert advice by phone or email!
• Back up equipment available in case of an emergency!
• Water treatments included! We use what we know works!
• Four visits per year 1in Spring, 2 in Summer and 1 in Autumn.
• Visit dates can be booked in advance!

Prices starting from £39 per month!

Regular servicing of the pond, equipment, pumps and filtration can prolong the life of your pond and water features. A full pond empty and clean may be required in some circumstances before a regular maintenance programme is commenced.
A site survey would be required in most cases to set up an annual maintenance program.
Ts & Cs apply.

For further details:
Call 01799 520643 / 07866479362
Email maintenance@thepondspecialist.co.uk