Koi Pond - White Colne

The Brief

Having already built the client an ornamental pond the client was keen to have a second koi pond built. This pond was to be 6 foot deep and around 7000 gallons. It was to have a viewing window at one end and a stainless steel water blade built into a sleeper wall at the other. The pond was to have its own filter house and to be heated.


The Solution

The area for the pond was chosen, and the pond dug out to the required shape and size. An area was also dug out for the filter house next to the pond. The pipes were laid into the base of the pond for the bottom drains before the concrete was poured over the area. A block work structure was then built for the pond walls. The remaining pipes were put in through the block walls and the 8 foot glass window installed. The pond was waterproofed using GRP fibreglass with insulation board underneath and finished with a racing green gel coat. The filtration equipment was installed in the pump house and the rest of the pump house was built around it.

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