Koi Pond - Dunmow

The Brief

The client for this pond already had a design in mind and we were given a drawing to work on. It was our expertise that they needed to get the project from the design to finish. The pond was to be an informal shape and be a koi pond of around 7000 gallons.


The Solution

The pond was dug out using a mini digger initially to the required shape and size. An area for the filtration was also dug out and pipe work for the bottom drains installed and reinforcing mesh placed in. The base was then concreted and due to the distance, the pond was from the drive a concrete pump was used. The walls of the pond were block built and all relevant pipes installed. The pond had a Butyl liner fabricated and installed and finished with a brick edge coping. The filtration system on this pond was gravity fed and consisted of a sieve, bead filter, dry mounted pumps and UV.

TPSExubra 013