Natural Feature Pond - Chelmsford

The Brief

To transform an existing natural pond that was full of plants, debris and silt into a natural feature pond using rockery stone and to create a watercourse.


The Solution

The pond had to first be dug out and re-shaped using an excavator. As the pond was sited next to a small road it was decided to reinforce that bank using gabion baskets filled with stone. To make it look more attractive a planting bed was put on top of the gabions. The pond is clay lined so the use of a liner was not required and the pond edges and watercourse were dressed using a waterworn rockery stone, cobbles and pebbles. During the construction period the weather was against us and as you can see in the photo we were constantly pumping water away to allow work to continue. Once complete the pond was planted with suitable poolside,marginal and deep water plants.

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